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We know as well as anyone that picking products or services from the web without any previous experience can be a bit hit and miss! But we'd like to think that booking The Animal Experience for your event is a safe bet :-) We have over 24 years of experience and more than a thousand satisfied customers -- indeed, much of our business comes from repeat bookings and personal recommendations. Many of our customers are kind enough to take the time to write and express their thanks, and we've included just a few of these messages below so that you don't need to take our word for it. Many more reviews have been posted on Facebook and Trip Advisor. Please click on the links at the top left of the page to read them. We are delighted that so many people rate us 5*.

We think we have the best job in the world and love working with these wonderful animals and we enjoy passing this enthusiasm on to our customers. Please contact us to find out what we can offer, and hopefully you will soon be able to add your event to the ever-growing list that have been enhanced by a visit from The Animal Experience!

Geri Haliwell meets our albino Burmese Python
Geri Haliwell (and her daughter Bluebell) enjoyed meeting our animals at a fundraising event for the Jewish Deaf Association.
Hazel & Kayleigh meet Ben Fogle & Michelle Collins
Filming with Ben Fogle and Michelle Collins for UKTV Eden Channel at the Royal Opera House.
Kayleigh meets David Attenborough
Filming with David Attenborough for UKTV Eden Channel at The Sachi Gallery.
Hazel meets Ronnie Corbett
Filming with Ronnie Corbett for UKTV Eden Channel at The Sachi Gallery.


"Booked a meerkat encounter - what an amazing experience. You had us in fits of laughter the whole way through with stories about the Meerkat families … it was a lovely finishing touch to hold the reptiles. Would definitely recommend to everyone! The amount of care love given to the animals is clear to see. Just amazing!!! Thanks to all."

"I would HIGHLY recommend visiting the animal experience! We had the reptile & meerkats package and it was AMAZING!! The keepers are very knowledgable & informative on the creatures & the meerkat experience was probably one of the best things I've ever done! So worth it!! I want to go back!!"

"My husband booked me in for both the meerkat and reptile experiences as a surprise for my birthday … wow! I loved it so much! Buster, who showed us around, was so knowledgeable and clearly has a passion for animals himself. Holding all the different kinds of reptiles was incredible (I basically said "it's so cute!" at everything) and meeting the little meerkat gang (where one crawled up and stood on my shoulder!) was such good fun. The commitment to providing all of the animals with the best possible care did not go unnoticed. Thank you so much for a very memorable trip!"

"Amazing! Everyone there seemed very friendly and full of knowledge! We did the reptile holding experience which was brilliant! Held a range of snakes and lizards - and was also given facts about each species! Would definitely go again!!!"

"Without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life! Lee and team not only have experience but clear passion and dedication to the animals! The team make the experience as much as the animals do, and should be incredibly proud of themselves for the awesome way that you make customers feel. In the words of the legendary Arnie, (hey great new meerkat name! ) 'we will be back!'"

"Thank you for the most magical afternoon! Can't recommend you all enough!"

"My mum had a Fantastic time meeting the Meerkats, higly recommend The Animal Experience! Fantastic, knowledgeable staff and clearly happy animals."

"Amazing experience for my son's 10th Birthday, Chris was very patient with Leon and Georgia and extremely knowledgable. We had loads of time with the Meerkats and Reptiles and lots of handling. The kids thought it was epic and awesome and I couldn't agree more. Thank you so much and we will definitely be back."

"An absolutely fantastic owl and bird of prey experience for my daughter's 18th. Victoria was so knowledgeable and we learnt so much. The birds were well loved and well looked after. We really enjoyed meeting them, holding them and even flying the kestrel and a barn owl. We will definitely go again and would highly recommend."

"Our family went on the Hawk Walk with Victoria, Jen, and two Harris Hawks. We absolutely loved it! We took the hawks out and walked the paths in the surrounding fields for about an hour and let them hunt/fly while we took turns feeding them along the way. Both Victoria and Jen talked to us about hawk behavior, hunting, care, and feeding. What was unique about this experience was that we were able to get to know both the Harris Hawks and the people that take care of them by watching them do what they love to do. Victoria was especially informative and has 10+ years experience in working with birds of prey. Both of our boys, ages 10 and 13, also learned a lot and really enjoyed this experience. Highly recommend the Hawk Walk!!!"


"Thank you for coming to Cottenham primary school. It was an amazing experience for the children. To see their faces go from trepidation to wonder to elation as they first observed, touched and then held the reptiles was priceless. Thank you for your professionalism, care and ability to read and monitor the children's emotions."

"A huge thank you, pupils have been raving about you and your animals. A really worthwhile, educational experience …"

"Thank you for bringing the Reptile Experience back to our school. It was a fantastic success, as it was last year, and the students were talking about it days later. We hope to see you again in the future …"
Impington Village College

"Many thanks for the fantastic afternoon you gave the children … Will be in touch as hope you can return later in the year."

"Just a quick email to thank you for your fantastic African Day at Forest View. All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it! It was such an exciting and interesting experience for the children and one I am sure they will never forget. I have attached a letter written by the children as they wanted to say thank you in person. Since your visit we have produced some fantastic written pieces based on your visit and are looking forward to producing fact files on a variety of the animals we met!"

"Amazing day today for all the children, Mitch. Your talks were informative and I know both staff and children learnt so much. KitKat made a little dream come true, thank you for the cuddles. Highly recommend organising a day with Animal Experience to come into your school. Thanks again."

"Had a fantastic day today. The Animal Experience traveled all the way to Carnforth to visit my son's school. They were fantastic and I know my son and all the children loved it. I would advise anyone who lives near them or works in a school to either visit or book them. They are brilliant!"

"I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for the work you did in Longfields School today. The children were just so excited by what they had seen and it has really helped set them up for a fantastic term of rainforest work. Your knowledge and wonderful ease with which you interacted with the children was fantastic and we will definitely be booking you again in the future."

"The Animal Experience visited two year four classes in Cardiff! Was the best day ever. Children thoroughly enjoyed getting up close and personal with the animals. Would recommend to everyone. Thank you so much."

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Monday's event. The feedback has been brilliant both staff and students had a great time, and there was a huge sense of accomplishment from those that faced a fear, as well as excitement to meet such wonderful animals. Everyone thought you were fantastic, Mitch! You were so calm, kind and very knowledgeable. The way you were able to alter your level of delivery depending on the groups we had in was brilliant, it is clear you understood your audience and for us that just made the day better! We are very keen to have another event next year - with more animals and much longer with you! The day just felt too short. When my learners asked me if they could put this event on I was very cautious, but I really needn't have been. We would highly recommend you to everyone.
Thank you also to Kayleigh who has been patient and helpful during the planning process!"


"We just wanted to say a big thankyou for making Claudia's 6th birthday so special. You were absolutely amazing and it was a delight to see how you intergrated children and reptiles into such a fun but none the less valuable learning experience. Claudia really adores all creatures and was thoroughly excited by the opportunity of sharing some time with your beautiful friends. She didn't seem to have a favourite she loved them all finding something special about each one. She was however thrilled at being able to hold such a handsome tarantula (this has been on her wish list for some time). She now would like to learn more about chameleons as maybe one would befriend our 40 year old tortoise. We feel you provide a good reference for these young children to feel comfortable with 'diffferent' creatures and hope that this will help them to nurture kindness and consideration towards their pets and other animals. Thankyou and your friends for widening our horizons and providing us with the most splendid time. Looking forward to renewing acquaintances."
Libby & Wil

"Dear Mitch
I am writing to you as I would like to reiterate my satisfaction and Thanks with regards to your attendance at my son's birthday party. It was a large group of mainly 6 year olds and lots of adults. Without doubt the party was a great success due to the professionalism you showed, the knowledge of the reptiles and of course reading the reactions of the children. My wife and I have been constantly told by parents of those children that were there that it was a great idea for a party and handled very well. I hope from these comments some more bookings will take place. Hazel attended my son's party 7 years ago, with Jack last week we will definitely book you again when our baby reaches a suitable age."
Gary, Natalie & Jack.

"Hi Mitch
I just wanted to let you know what a great hit your exotic zoo was at our event on 5 June.
We booked last minute, you came out on a Bank Holiday & brought an extra member of staff - what wonderful service! And that is BEFORE we got to see the wonderful creatures …
I cannot tell you how excited my niece was to finally hold a meerkat, and to see 6wk old twin baby meerkats was many a grown-ups dream come true as well. They certainly were a great hit with the ladies, but there were plenty of big blokes going all gooey eyed too!
I did book you with the youngters in mind, but they had to fight their way to the front through the wall of adults !!!
You were wonderful to stay so long until everyone who wanted to could cuddle Boris the Tarantula and hold the Albino Burmese Python could do so and get a memorable picture. It was lovely to see some people champion lifelong phobias, and I am sure that was down to your personality and the caring nature of your assistants.
Many, many thanks for making our event such a treasured memory for so many people!"
Kind Regards, Esther.

"Dear Hazel & Mitchell,
Thankyou very much for bringing your lovely reptiles to my birthday. We all had a fantastic time being able to touch and hold them. I think my favourite was the Scorpion but it is hard to choose as they were all great."
From Ben.

"Dear Mitch,
You came to our house for Gemma and Ethan's birthday party on Sun 19th Sept. I just wanted to thank you and your daughter for doing such a fantastic job. We usually just do our own old fashioned parties, but this year's really was a party to remember. The animals were beautiful and you had a lovely way with the children. Word has really spread and several parents have asked for details about your parties. I directed them to your website."
From Catherine.

"Dear Mitch, Kayleigh and Hazel,
Just wanted to say my son gave me a massive hug tonight and said thank you for the best birthday ever. Thank you for making the journey to us and keeping patience with the boys. We are so glad we found you guys, you do an amazing job and hope to see more of you in the future. I'm sure I can hear my son sleep talking about chameleons."

"A big thank you to Mitch today for the African Experience party - it was brilliant. The children loved it and have said what an awesome party it was! I couldn't wait to see the meerkats and I wasn't disappointed. What characters they are! The burmese python was amazing and the tarantula … although not a fan of spiders was quite something! Thanks again - you were both brilliant."

"Very professional, great knowledge of the animals, animals look really happy and healthy and the Animal Experience team that came to our son's birthday party were brilliant!"


"Thank you very much for coming along to our féte - you and your animals were a great hit - we have some nice pictures of people holding the snake and water dragon and I loved meeting your meerkats. Whenever I passed you always had a crowd around your tent so I guess you had a good day! Thanks again for coming along and bringing such interesting creatures and allowing such close interaction with them."
on behalf of Melbourn Village féte


"Please could you pass on my thanks to Hazel and your daughter, they were fantastic on Friday. The event went really well, but the highlight was your animals!! Many thanks again."
Fiona ( Event for UKTV Eden Chanel at the Royal Opera House)

"Had a very nice letter from Bayblake school saying what a fantastic day you provided, with the Meerkats stealing the show! Thank you for your hard work:)"
Angela (Montana Events)

"These guys are awesome, they attended an after school club for children with disabilities. They brought a lovely variety of animals, took their time with the children and knew everything you wanted to know about the animals."

"I dont mind which package you bring on what date, they are all equally popular with our visitors! We get such good feedback when youre here! Best wishes."
Angela Moore, Senior Centre Ranger, Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust

"I would love to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU for coming along on Saturday! It was so wonderful to have you guys and bring the animals. We had really great feedback from parents and children and they obviously couldnt get enough of it with people queuing to see and pet them. The talk/display at the end was really fascinating and I learnt some new animal facts, which was fabulous. I think my favourite moment was popping my head behind the screen to suddenly see the [Tegu] strolling around the Chancel (the aisle and space around the Altar), free as anything, like he owned the place! It was a moment of how great it was to have you over and how a church can be used and open for such things! We are so thankful for your being part of us last Saturday. You made it really special."
Tory and the team

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